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Each BM group plant is certified according to highest international standards.

Ogni sito produttivo del gruppo BM è certificato secondo i più alti standard internazionali.

In accordance with the quality policy, the BM group:


  • Has available a proficient quality management system for each product and process suitable for crediting.

  • Analyzes and understands both customers' expections and meets all the statutory prerequisites related to products.

  • Certifies that the product characteristics have been so defined to satisfy both customer and statutory prerequisites.

  • Determines and manages the needed processes to achieve the expected goals (compliant product and customer satisfaction).

  • Puts in place all the necessary resources to monitor aforementioned processes.

  • Check and controls the defined characteristics of products and processes

  • Prevent non-conformities and ensures improvement processes for: 

    • Resolve any non-conformities that arise (including those of the product that are identified after delivery);

    • Analyze the causes of non-conformities and carry out corrective actions to prevent them from recurring;

    • Handle customer complaints.

  • Perform an effective internal audit and management review process.

  • Monitor, measure and continuously improve the effectiveness of its quality management system.


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